Allied Health Workshop: Travel Scholarship Award Recipients
Saturday, March 1, 2014: 2:00 PM-3:15 PM
Marriott North Tower, Lobby Level, Atlanta
1.25 CME/ 1.50 CE
Stephen J. McGeady , MD FAAAAI
Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify effective patient care strategies that can be implemented into the allergy/immunology practice
  2. Develop an appreciation for the activities of Allied Health members that contribute to the care of patients
  3. Develop professional networks within Allied Health
Panel Discussion
2:00 PM
Case Study of a Successful Asthma Network
Karen L. Meyerson, MSN FNP-C AE-C
2:05 PM
AsthmaCare Partners Program
Julie Kuhn, MSW
2:10 PM
Patient Satisfaction Surveys (Research)
Diane Ananos, RN
2:15 PM
Five Years of FOIT (Food Oral Immunotherapy) in Private Practice
Angela R. Hague, PA-C
2:20 PM
Developing Support Groups for Patients with EGID
Raquel Z. Durban, MS RD LDN
  • SupportGroup.pdf (41.0 kB)
  • 2:25 PM
    Bridging the Gap: Gaps in the World of Food Protein Entercolitis
    Fallon Schultz, MSW, LCSW, CAM
    2:30 PM
    Understanding Barriers and Support in Asthma Management in School Age Children
    Helena Azzi, DNP FNP-BC AE-C
    2:35 PM
    Indentifying Dietary Interventions in EoE
    Anna C. Sprunger, PA-C
    2:40 PM
    Strengthening Physicians' Ability to Convey Information to Patients
    Edward Horowitz
    2:45 PM
    Effective Program Planning Workshop for Asthma Educators
    Margaret J. McCormick, MS RN
    2:50 PM
    Surprising Benefits of Omalizumab in a Patient with Mixed Disease Asthma/COPD A Case Study in Knoxville, Tennessee
    Laura Odom, MSN FNP
    2:55 PM
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