Insect Hypersensitivity/Anaphylaxis
Saturday, March 1, 2014: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
Convention Center, Ground Level, Exhibit Hall B
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Safety and Efficacy Of a 12-Week Maintenance Interval In Patients Treated With Imported Fire Ant Immunotherapy
Karla E. Adams, MD Shayne Stokes, MD Kevin M. White, MD Kirk H. Waibel, MD FAAAAI Michael S. Tankersley, MD FAAAAI
Epidemiology and Clinical Predictors Of Biphasic Reactions In Children With Anaphylaxis
Waleed D. Alqurashi Ian Stiell Kevin Chan Gina Neto George Wells
Age As a Risk Factor For Fatal Food-Induced Anaphylaxis: An Analysis Of UK and Australian Fatal Food Anaphylaxis Data
Paul J. Turner, FRACP PhD Vibha Sharma, FRCPCH Mimi L. K. Tang, MD PhD FAAAAI M. Hazel Gowland, BA Nigel Harper, MBChB FRCA Tomaz Garcez, MRCP FRCPath Richard Pumphrey, FRCPath Robert J. Boyle, MBChB PhD
Dying From Allergies: A Profile Of Fatal Anaphylaxis In The United States: 1999-2010
Elina Jerschow, M.D., M.Sc. Robert Yao-Wen Lin, FAAAAI Moira Scaperotti, Medical Student Aileen McGinn, PhD
Prospective Study To Determine Risk Factors and Severity Of Food-Induced Allergic Reactions In Children
Angela Tsuang, MD Nikhil Menon, Medical student Natasha Setia, Medical student Larry Geyman, Medical student Christina Cherny Anna H. Nowak-Wegrzyn, MD FAAAAI
Factors Associated With Increased Risk Of Anaphylaxis
Aylin Altan Riedel, PhD Erin Buysman, MS Ray A. Wolf, PharmD Paul Cavanaugh, Jr, PhD Jerald Seare, MD Tim Bancroft, PhD
A Face-To-Face Educational Program By Allergists Can Improve Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors (KAB) Of Internal Medicine, Pediatric, and Emergency Medicine Residents
Artemio M. Jongco III, MD PhD MPH Sheila Bina, MD Robert Sporter, MD Marie A. Cavuoto Petrizzo, MD FAAAAI Blanka M. Kaplan, MD FAAAAI Susan Schuval, MD FAAAAI
Anaphylaxis Management Before and After Implementation Of Guidelines In The Pediatric Emergency Department
Shilpa Desai Rhett Lieberman Stephen Wisniewski, PhD Todd David Green, MD FAAAAI
Managing Anaphylaxis In Adults: A Review Of All Cases Presenting In A Single Year At An Emergency Department
Yarden Yanishevsky, MD Ann Elaine Clarke, MD, MSc Sebastian La Vieille, MD Scott Delaney, MD Reza Alizadehfar, MD Christopher Mill, BSc Lawrence Joseph, PhD Judy Morris, MD, MSc Yuka Asai, MD Moshe Ben-Shoshan, MD, MSc
Anaphylaxis Cases Presenting To Primary Care Paramedics In Quebec
Nofar Kimchi Ann Elaine Clarke, MD, MSc Jocelyn Moisan Colette Lachaine Sebastian La Vieille, MD Yuka Asai, MD Lawrence Joseph, PhD Christopher Mill, BSc Moshe Ben-Shoshan, MD, MSc
Anaphylaxis Management In A Pediatric Emergency Department
Natasha Sidhu, MD Stacie M. Jones, MD Elizabeth Storm, MD Maria Melguizo castro Todd Nick Tonya Thompson, MD
Characteristics Of Anaphylaxis In a Pediatric Emergency Unit
Beatriz Ameiro, M.D. Blanca Noguerado, M.D. Gabriela Zambrano, M.D. Cristina Morales, M.D. Miguel Guzmán, M.D. María L. Baeza, MD, PhD Alberto Alvarez-Perea, MD
Anaphylaxis: Epidemiology and Treatment In The Emergency Department
Judy Morris, MD, MSc Julie Lapointe Sebastien La Vieille, MD Harley Eisman, MD Reza Alizadehfar, MD Emma Perkins, BSc Christopher Mill, BSc Lawrence Joseph, PhD Ann Elaine Clarke, MD, MSc Moshe Ben-Shoshan, MD, MSc
Anaphylaxis In An Upstate New York Emergency Department: Triggers and Treatments
Britta Sundquist Jaison Jose John Paige Keith Sweeney Michael Lavelle Daniel Pauze Denis Pauze Kirsi M. Jarvinen
Characterisation Of Anaphylaxis In a Large UK City With An Ethnically Diverse Population
Richard J. Buka Richard J. Crossman Cathryn Derbridge Aarnoud P. Huissoon Scott Hackett Matthew W. Cooke Susan Dorrian Mamidipudi T. Krishna
Incidence Of Anaphylaxis In a Vilnius Lithuania Hospital Applying WAO Criteria
Audra Blaziene Neringa Buterleviciute Viktorija Paltarackiene Lawrence M. DuBuske, MD FAAAAI
Factors Associated With a Lower Probability Of Refilling An Epipen Auto-Injector In a Timely Manner
Erin Buysman, MS Ray A. Wolf, PharmD Paul Cavanaugh, Jr, PhD Aylin Altan Riedel, PhD Tim Bancroft, PhD
Food-Induced Anaphylaxis: Recognition and Response In Ohio Schools
Erica Glancy, MD Peter J. Mustillo, MD FAAAAI Christine B. Cho, MD Rekha Raveendran, MD Daniel Scherzer, MD
Availability and Utilization Of Epinephrine In Utah Schools For The Management Of Anaphylaxis
Benjamin L. Wright, MD Michelle Fogg, BS Catherine Sparks, MSN, RN, NCSN Brian P. Vickery, MD FAAAAI Joseph L. Roberts, MD, PhD Yamini Virkud, MD, MA Mandy Allison, MD, MSPH, M.Ed.
Induction Of Remission Of Frequent Idiopathic Anaphylaxis With Rituximab
Arturo Borzutzky, MD Pamela S. Morales, MD Veronica Mezzano, MD Sofia Nussbaum A. Wesley Burks, MD FAAAAI
Evaluation Of a Diagnostic Protocol For Perioperative Anaphylaxis Due To Isosulfan Blue Dye Allergy
Mary Grace Baker Julia A. Cronin, MD Larry Borish, MD FAAAAI Monica G. Lawrence, MD
Acute Serum Tryptase Elevation In ALTE - An Atypical Manifestation Of Bullous Mastocytosis
Alexander Alvarez, MD Anne-Marie A. Irani, MD FAAAAI Lawrence B. Schwartz, MD PhD FAAAAI
Methodology For Identifying Patients Presenting With Anaphylaxis Using Administrative Claims Data
Jerald Seare, MD Erin Buysman, MS Ray A. Wolf, PharmD Paul Cavanaugh, Jr, PhD Aylin Altan Riedel, PhD Tim Bancroft, PhD
Epicare (Epinephrine Pen Investigation: Compliance and Recommendations)
Nisha S. Patel, MD Christopher Chang, MD PhD FAAAAI Gang Ye, PhD
Idiopathic Capillary Leak Syndrome
Carl B. Lauter, MD FAAAAI
Comprehensive Metabolomic Analysis Identifies Uric Acid As a Critical Mediator Of Peanut Sensitization
Joshua Kong Kenneth Chalcraft, PhD Rodrigo Jimenez-Saiz, PhD Tina Walker-Fattouh Susanna Goncharova, MD, PhD Brian McCarry, PhD Manel Jordana, MD, PhD
Pharmacokinetics Of Berberine, a Bioactive Compound In Butanol Purified Food Allergy Herbal Formula-2
Nan Yang, PhD MS Ying Song, MD Changda Liu, PhD Sool Yeon Cho, PhD Xiu-Min Li, MD
Anaphylaxis After Bitten By Domestic Hamster: A Case Report
Leila Borges, MD Danielle Bichueti Silva, MD Tessa Rachel Tranquilini Gonçalves, MD Rafael Rota, MD Camila Gonzaga da Silva Danieli Hirari, MD Marcia Mallozi, MD Dirceu Sole, MD PhD
Gene Expression Profiling Of Food-Induced Anaphylaxis Associated With Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
Rosa M. Munoz-Cano, MD, PhD Joan Bartra, MD, PhD Jorg Scheffel, PhD Mariona Pascal, PhD Barbara Dema, PhD Antonio Valero, MD, PhD Ana Olivera, PhD Cesar Picado, MD, PhD Juan Rivera, PhD
Recurrence Rates Of Anaphylaxis In Children
Andrew O'Keefe, MD Yuka Asai, MD Christopher Mill, BSc Harley Eisman, MD Sebastian La Vieille, MD Reza Alizadehfar, MD Emma Perkins, BSc Lawrence Joseph, PhD Ann Elaine Clarke, MD, MSc Moshe Ben-Shoshan, MD, MSc
Sensitization To Recombinant Allergens Of Hevea Brasilensis In Patients With Latex Anaphylaxis
J.M. Escobar Montalvo, MD A. Gómez Infante, MD Silvia Martínez Blanco, MD R. Vives Conesa, MD
Patients Monosensitised To Hev b 8 Performs Surgery Without Avoidance The Latex and Without Complications
Adriano Sa, MD Leila Borges, MD Nathalia Barroso Luis Felipe C. Ensina, MD Ines Nunes Dirceu Sole, MD PhD
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