The Reference Value of Peak Expiratory Flow Rate of Children in China
Monday, March 7, 2016
South Exhibit Hall H (Convention Center)
Chuangli Hao, Chuangli Hao
Rationale: The present study was to establish the reference value and predicted equations of peak expiratory flow rate of healthy children in China.

 Methods: A school to school survey was carried out among the children aged 5 to 14 from five research centers of China: Guangzhou  Suzhou, Chengdu , Xi’an and Beijing from Oct to Dec 2010. Finally, a total of 3169 children completed the survey and examination. Upon review of the questionnaire, children were excluded if they had: 1) a recent disease of the respiratory tract or a history of chronic respiratory disease; 2) a history of severe respiratory disease; 3) systemic disease with influence on the respiratory tract; 4) other significant disease with influence on the respiratory tract; 5) use of inhaled corticosteroids, bronchodilators or other medicines influencing the respiratory tract; and 6) household exposure to tobacco smoke.

Results: 1. There were no significant differences of children’s height and weight between the five centers (both P>0.05). 2.There was no significant difference between boys and girls in body height and weight.3.In both boys and girls, home recorded PEF increased with height, age and weight (p<0.001).4. Home recorded PEF and hospital recorded PEF and FEV1 showed a very high correlation.

Conclusions: The correlation coefficients between home spirometer recorded PEF and height.The PEF values of Chinese children are similar with European and other Asian country.