A New Digital Tool to Assess Allergic Rhinitis Symptom Control
Saturday, March 5, 2016: 3:00 PM
Room 408A (Convention Center)
Jean Bousquet, MD PhD, , , , ,

MASK-rhinitis (MACVIA-ARIA Sentinel NetworK for allergic rhinitis) is a simple patient-centered-system using information and communications technology tools and a clinical decision support system (CDSS) based on the ARIA 2015 revision. A cell phone-based daily visual analogue scale (VAS) assessment of disease control is one of these tools and is described here.


App content was developed by ARIA and experts in patient reported outcomes. Wireframes were generated, and a prototype developed and tested (in both patients and physicians).


The final app called Allergy Diary was produced (for apple and android platforms) and translated into 14 languages by ARIA Executive Committee members. It collects information on symptom type and duration (intermittent/persistent), disease impact and AR medication(s) (country-specific) used. Users assess daily symptom control using a VAS in response to the question ‘overall are much are your allergic symptoms bothering you today?’, from ‘not at all bothersome’ to ‘extremely bothersome’. An asthma VAS is included for those with asthma comorbidity. A reminder push to track and treat is an included option. VAS scores are logged and plotted over time and control assessed by predefined cut-offs as well-controlled: VAS <20 mm; partly-controlled VAS >20 mm <50mm; uncontrolled VAS >50 mm. This VAS has been integrated into the MACVIA ARIA AR CDSS, a simple treatment algorithm for physicians.


Allergy Diary is a simple way to assess AR symptom control, is expected to improve treatment compliance, fully integrates with the updated ARIA guideline (i.e. AR CDSS) and will allow physicians and patients to better manage AR.