Patient Use Online Resources and Social Media for Food Allergy Information
Saturday, March 5, 2016: 12:45 PM
Room 503 (Convention Center)
Beth D. Strong, RN CCRC, , , , , , ,
Rationale: Families of food allergic children seek information is a variety of ways. Use of online resources is a popular way of gathering information. This survey was done to examine the usage of online resources and social media in this population.

Methods: An anonymous online Qualtrics survey was emailed to our Food Allergy Institute email list.

Results: There were 276 responses; of those, 90% use online resources or social media to obtain information on food allergy.  76% found their resources through a web search, and the rest through a physician, family/friend or other support groups. The majority of people (90%) found the resources somewhat to very helpful. Of those that use online resources or social media, 47% use it monthly and weekly. Most people (80%) are using it for food allergy management and 85% report following the advice they find online. The majority (74%) found the online advice matched the advice their physician provided and 71% primarily followed their physician’s advice.

Conclusions: The majority of families of food allergic children are using online resources and social media for information. With better understanding of how families are using online resources for food allergy management, we can better provide guidance to our patients and their families.