Report of Colombian Registry for Hereditary Angioedema
Monday, March 7, 2016
South Exhibit Hall H (Convention Center)
Maria Margarita Olivares, MD, Rosa Farfan, MD, Carlos E Olmos, MD, Catalina Gomez, MD, Jorge Sanchez, MD, Maria C Ortega-Lopez, MD, Jairo A. Rodriguez, MD PhD, Jorge Rabal, MD, Mauricio Sarrazola, MD, Susana Diez-Zuloaga, MD, Alejandro Carreno, MD, Alejandro Echenique, MD, Eduardo Jr De Zubiria, MD, Gerardo Ramirez, MD
Rationale: Hereditary angioedema (HAE) due to C1-inhibitor deficiency or dysfunction is a rare disease characterized by recurrent episodes of edema with an estimated frequency of 1:50,000 in the world population without racial or gender differences.

We present an update of the frequency reported in Colombia of patients diagnosed with HAE, as result of an ongoing project of the first Colombian record of this disease.

Methods:  A questionnaire on the diagnosis, treatment and current control of patients with HAE, was completed by allergists and immunologists (n = 14) of Colombia.

Results: 44 patients with confirmed diagnosis of HAE were reported. The average age of onset of symptoms was 23 years old, with an average age at diagnosis of 37 years. 88.23% with positive family history for the disease. 62% of patients are currently in maintenance treatment: 48% with danazol, tranexamic acid 12.07%; 38.9% of patients used Icatiban for handling the acute crisis. In this group of patients, 95% had diagnosis of HAE type I and type II HAE 5%.

The distribution of patients by region is as follows: 13% of patients living in northern Colombia, 23.9% belong to the Northwest, 36.9% live in the Midwest and 26.08% are in the northeast.

Conclusions: HAE is a rare disease but  that could cause death by an acute attacktherefore it is important that the patients have the appropriate rescue therapy. This data has been achieved thanks to the collaboration of colombian allergists who have shared their patient medical records for the national HEA statistical data