Thursday, March 3, 2016: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
JW Marriott, Platinum Ballroom Level, Salon DE
7.25 CME/CE

Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe the diagnostic criteria for EoE, eosinophilic gastritis/gastroenteritis/colitis and the controversies in diagnosis
  2. Review the successful current therapeutic options for EoE and review the current triggers for EGIDs
  3. Discuss the pathogenesis as it relates to specific cellular subtypes such as mast cells, eosinophils and T cells
8:00 AM
Seema Sharma Aceves, MD PhD FAAAAI
Marc E. Rothenberg, MD PhD FAAAAI
Jonathan M. Spergel, MD PhD FAAAAI
8:15 AM
Introduction to CEGIR
Glenn Furuta, MD
Diagnosis and Monitoring of EGID
8:35 AM
Consensus Guidelines for EoE
Chris A. Liacouras, MD
8:55 AM
Instruments for Monitoring Clinical Parameters in EoE
Alex Straumann, MD
9:15 AM
Consensus Guidelines for Non-EoE EGID
Nirmala Gonsalves, MD
9:35 AM
Guidelines for Diagnosis of EGID
Margaret H. Collins, MD
9:55 AM
Question & Answer
10:05 AM
Breakthroughs Impacting Understanding EGID
10:20 AM
Pathogenesis of Disease
Marc E. Rothenberg, MD PhD FAAAAI
10:40 AM
New Modalities for Surveying the Esophagus
David A. Katzka, MD
11:00 AM
Lymphocyte Involvement in EoE
Wayne Shreffler, MD PhD FAAAAI
11:20 AM
Mast Cells and Basophils in EoE
Joshua B. Wechsler, MD
11:40 AM
Role of Environmental in EoE
Jonathan M. Spergel, MD PhD FAAAAI
12:00 PM
Lunch and Break-Out Sessions: Key Clinical Questions: Problem-Based Learning for Clinical Groups Based on Key Clinical Questions (Attendees can choose one of the following course breakouts; separate registration and ticketing required)
1:30 PM
Cutting-Edge Research Abstracts
Genetics and Risk Factors Associated with EGID
3:00 PM
Gene and Environment Interaction in EoE
Leah Claire Kottyan, PhD
3:20 PM
Epidemiology of EGID
Evan S. Dellon, MD MPH
3:40 PM
Relationships with Connective Tissue Disorders and Other Syndromes
Pamela A. Guerrerio, MD PhD
Controversies in EoE
4:00 PM
Treating Complications of EoE-Fibrosis
Ikuo Hirano, MD
4:15 PM
Emerging Biological Therapy for EoE
Seema Sharma Aceves, MD PhD FAAAAI
4:30 PM
PPI Responsive EoE
Ting Wen, PhD
4:45 PM
Topical Glucocorticoid vs. Diet Therapy
Sandeep K. Gupta, MD
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