T Cell Plasticity and Functional Impact on Allergic Diseases
Monday, March 7, 2016: 4:45 PM-6:00 PM
Convention Center, Level Two, Room 409AB
1.25 CME/CE
Larry Borish , MD FAAAAI

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss the role of GATA3 in regulatory T Cell function and its role in therapeutics
  2. Describe the commitment of CD4 T Cells to specific lineages
  3. Describe the heterogeneity and inter-convertibility of T Cell lineages
4:45 PM
Regulatory Affairs of GATA3
Elizabeth Wohlfert, PhD
5:00 PM
Question & Answer
5:10 PM
T Cell Lineage Commitment and Specification
Kiyoshi Hirahara, MD PhD
5:25 PM
Question & Answer
5:35 PM
Th2 Lineage Heterogeneity
Calman Prussin, MD FAAAAI
5:50 PM
Question & Answer
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