Diagnostic Challenges in Mastocytosis: Serum Tryptase, Allele-Specific PCR and GI Pathology
Friday, March 4, 2016: 10:00 AM-12:30 PM
Convention Center, Level One, Petree Hall D
2.50 CME/CE
Catherine R. Weiler , MD PhD FAAAAI

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss utility and interpretation of elevated tryptase level
  2. Discuss which cases can be evaluated at general allergist level and when a referral to a mastocytosis center is indicated
  3. Discuss utility and interpretation of allele-specific PCR and indications for bone marrow biopsy
This Session Will Use Audience Response System Technology.
10:00 AM
My Patient Has Elevated Tryptase. Now What?
Joseph H. Butterfield, MD FAAAAI
10:20 AM
Question & Answer
10:30 AM
KIT Mutational Analysis: Allele-Specific PCR
Dean D. Metcalfe, MD FAAAAI
10:50 AM
Question & Answer
11:00 AM
Mast Cells in the GI Tract: Is It Mastocytosis?
11:20 AM
Question & Answer
11:30 AM
Value of Flow Cytometry in Diagnosis of Mastocytosis: Advantages and Pitfalls
Alberto Orfao, MD, PhD
11:50 AM
Question & Answer
12:00 PM
Hymenoptera Anaphylaxis: When to Suspect Mastocytosis?
Patrizia Bonadonna, MD CME
12:20 PM
Question & Answer
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