Advancement in Allergic Diseases
Saturday, March 5, 2016: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
Convention Center, Level One, South Exhibit Hall H
Poster Session
0.00 CME/CE
Cinnamon-Induced Contact Stomatitis: A Propos of Two Cases
Ekaterini I. Syrigou, PhD Photis Psarros Maria Zande Nikolaos K Syrigos Maria Vasiliou Athanasios Sinaniotis Konstantinos Syrigos
Molecular Reference Materials for Standardization of Allergen Measurements
Sabina Wünschmann, PhD Kristie N Prtorich Cathy Minichino Heaven Cerritos Lisa D. Vailes Martin D. Chapman, PhD FAAAAI
A Study of Immunogenetic Associations with Peanut Allergy Utilizing a Novel DNA Repository
Jonathan A. Hemler, MD Elizabeth S. Marston, MD Jason H. Karnes, PhD Andrew M. Glazer, PhD Elizabeth J. Phillips, MD Simon A. Mallal, MBBS Peggy L. Kendall, MD
The Role of Human Dendritic Cells in Cutaneous Allergen Recognition and Immune Activation
Anna R. Wolfson, MD Caroline L. Sokol, MD PhD Andrew D. Luster, MD PhD
Tacrolimus: A Heart Pill to Swallow
Tara V. Saco, M.D. Dennis K. Ledford, MD FAAAAI Sweta Shah, M.D. Elimarys Perez-Colon, M.D. Lacey Harrington, MS-IV
Averting Danger: A Case of Anaphylaxis to Rabavert®
Sarah W. Spriet, DO Taylor A. Banks, MD Cecilia Mikita, MD MPH FAAAAI
Reduction in Corticosteroid Use Among Patients Receiving Omalizumab in Real World Settings: A Systematic Literature Review of Non-Randomized Studies
Reynold A Panettieri, MD Jonathan Corren, MD Susan Gabriel, MSc Kimberly M. Ruiz, EdM Bethany Sawchyn, PharmD Jennifer A. Colby, PharmD Meryl Mendelson, MD
Defining the Percentage of T Helper 17 Cells in Patients with Eczema and Allergic Disease
Ranjeet Minocha, MD John M. Routes, MD FAAAAI Mary Hintermeyer, APNP Trivikram Dasu, PhD Erin Hammelev Tucker Keuter Aniko Szabo, PhD James W. Verbsky, MD PhD
Prevalence of Atopic Diseases in Patients with Humoral Primary Immunodeficiency: A Comparison of a Single Center and the US Immunodeficiency Network (USIDNET)
Alice S. Chau, MD Artemio M. Jongco III, MD PhD MPH Laura Helfner, MD James C. Fagin, MD Vincent R. Bonagura, MD FAAAAI
Inhibition of Inflammation and Mucus Production By Bordetella Pertussis Whole-Cell Vaccine in a Murine Model of Allergic Rhinitis
Marcelo Vivolo Aun, MD Fernanda Arantes-Costa Francine Maria Almeida Thayse Regina Brüggermann Beatriz Mangueira Saraiva-Romanholo Isabella S Genaro Milton Arruda Martins, MD, PhD Jorge Kalil, MD, PhD Pedro Giavina-Bianchi, MD PhD
Usefulness of Component-Resolved Diagnosis (CRD) in Patients with Pet Allergy
Wolfgang Hemmer, PhD Gabriele Sesztak-Greinecker, MD Felix Wantke, MD FAAAAI Stefan Wohrl, MD, MSc, FAAAAI
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