Immunodeficiency Associated with Other Diseases
Sunday, March 6, 2016: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
Convention Center, Level One, South Exhibit Hall H
Poster Session
0.00 CME/CE
Title: Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis in an Autosomal Recessive Chronic Granulomatous Disease Carrier
Joel L. Gallagher, MD James W. Verbsky, MD PhD John M. Routes, MD FAAAAI Mary Hintermeyer, APNP Monica Thakar, MD Sara Szabo, MD, PhD
Ectrodactyly, Ectodermal Dysplasia, and Cleft Lip/Palate Syndrome with Concomitant Lymphopenia: A Novel TP63 Mutation
Adeeb A. Bulkhi, MD Tara V. Saco, M.D. Richard F. Lockey, MD FAAAAI Mark C. Glaum, MD PhD FAAAAI
A Case of Mohr-Tranebjærg Syndrome Diagnosed in a Patient with X-Linked Agammaglobulinemia
Marcus S. Shaker, MD MS FAAAAI TingJia H Lorigiano Anusha Vadlamudi, MD
Comorbidity of Allergic Disorders in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Kyoko Yoshihiro, MD Shigeru Yoshizawa, MD Reiko Kishikawa, MD Terufumi Shimoda, MD Tomoaki Iwanaga, MD
Varicella Zoster Virus Meningitis As a Complication of Cyclosporine Therapy in a Patient with Atopic Dermatitis
Carlos A. Morales-Mateluna, MD FAAAAI Felix Schwarz, MD Joachim Freihorst, MD
Granulomatous and Lymphocytic Interstitial Lung Disease (GLILD) Associated with KMT2D Gene Mutation in Kabuki Syndrome
Juan A. Adams, MD Joel L. Gallagher, MD Mary Hintermeyer, APNP James W. Verbsky, MD PhD John M. Routes, MD FAAAAI
B Cell Function in Immunodeficiency with Normal Immunoglobulins
Hillary Gordon, MD Stacey Galowitz, DO Kishore Alugupalli, PhD Gregory Dickinson, PhD Stephen J. McGeady, MD FAAAAI
Impact of an H3/4 Receptor Antagonist on Chemokine and Cytokine Synthesis By PBMC and Dendritic Cells Derived from PBMC
Roman Khanferyan, MD, PhD V. Evstratova N. Rieger Lawrence M. DuBuske, MD, FAAAAI
Expression Pattern of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Leucocyte GABA Receptors and Calcium Signaling Genes
Leonid P. Titov, MD, PhD A. B. Kapitau K. I. Pavlov I. M. Goloenko Lawrence M. DuBuske, MD, FAAAAI
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