Anaphylaxis and Venom Immunotherapy
Saturday, March 5, 2016: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
Convention Center, Level One, South Exhibit Hall H
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Systemic Reactions to Aeroallergen Immunotherapy: A Retrospective Review of Our Practice
Matthew T. Tallar, MD Leslie M. Gimenez, MD FAAAAI Heidi T. V. Zafra, MD FAAAAI Asriani M. Chiu, MD FAAAAI
Safety and Efficacy of Hymenoptera and Fire Ant Rush Immunotherapy in Children
Wiparat Manuyakorn, MD, PhD Suwat Benjaponpitak, MD Wasu Kamchaisatian, MD Cherapat Sasisakulporn, B.Sc. Wanlapa Teawsomboonkit, RN
Platelet Activating Factor Acetylhydrolase Levels at Baseline and during Allergic Reactions
Jacob D. Kattan, MD Thomas Kraus, PhD Thomas Moran, PhD Hugh A. Sampson, MD FAAAAI
Baseline CD63 Expression in Patients with Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis (EIA)
Liat Nachshon, MD Moshe Appel, PhD Michael R Goldberg, MD PhD Arnon Elizur, MD Yitzhak Katz, MD FAAAAI
Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis Successfully Treated with Hydroxychloroquine
Aaron K. Kobernick, MD, MPH Maya R. Jerath, MD PhD
Wheat-Dependent, Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis Can be Elicited without Exercise (And With Other Co-factors)
Morten J. Christensen, MD Esben Eller, MSc, PhD Charlotte G Mortz, MD, PhD Knut Brockow, MD Carsten Bindslev-Jensen, MD PhD DMSci FAAAAI
Pretreatment with Ibrutinib, a Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor, Reduces Passive Systemic Anaphylaxis in a Murine Model
Jennifer A. Regan, MD, PhD Rebecca Krier-Burris, MS Jeremy O'Sullivan, PhD Paul Bryce, PhD Bruce S. Bochner, MD FAAAAI
Optimal Needle Length of Epinephrine Prefilled Syringe in Thai Infants
Buntita Bamrungchaowkasem, MD Wiparat Manuyakorn, MD, PhD Nichanun Ruangwattanapaisarn, MD Suwat Benjaponpitak, MD Wasu Kamchaisatian, MD
Effects of Intramuscular Epinephrine on Cardiovascular Parameters during IgE-Mediated Allergic Reactions to Peanut
Monica Ruiz-Garcia, MD Carl Hayward, MD PhD Alistair Tang, BSc Andrew Clark, MRCPCH MD Isabel J. Skypala, PhD RD Stephen R. Durham, MA MD FRCP Alexander R Lyon, PhD FRCP Robert J. Boyle, MBChB PhD Paul J. Turner, FRACP PhD
When Is Epinephrine Used in Anaphylaxis?
Alberto Alvarez-Perea, MD Margarita Tomás-Pérez, MD Beatriz Ameiro, MD Patricia Martinez-Lezcano, MD Gabriela Zambrano, MD María L. Baeza, MD, PhD
Prescription of Epinephrine Autoinjectors to Children with Food Allergies in a General Pediatric Clinic
Tamar Weinberger Ari Zelig, MD Allison Gault, MD Julie Wang, MD FAAAAI
Epinephrine Use in the New York City Public School District
Elizabeth Feuille, MD Cheryl Lawrence Caroline Volel Scott H. Sicherer, MD FAAAAI Julie Wang, MD FAAAAI
Epinephrine Use in Schools for Food-Induced Anaphylaxis
Angela Tsuang, MD, MSc Haidi Demain Kathleen Patrick, RN Michael Pistiner, MD MMSc Julie Wang, MD FAAAAI
EPIPEN4SCHOOLS® Survey Combined Analysis: Prevalence and Triggers of Anaphylactic Events
Martha V. White, MD, CPI Suyapa Silvia, PhD Kelly Hollis, MBA Margaret J. Wooddell, PhD, MBA Diana Goss, BS Dawn Odom, MS Jennifer Bartsch, MStat Susan L. Hogue, PharmD, MPH
EPIPEN4SCHOOLS® Survey Combined Analysis: Staff Training and Use of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
Susan L. Hogue, PharmD, MPH Suyapa Silvia, PhD Kelly Hollis, MBA Margaret J. Wooddell, PhD, MBA Diana Goss, BS Dawn Odom, MS Darryl Cooney, MS Martha V. White, MD, CPI
Likelihood of Having Self-Injectable Epinephrine in Adult and Pediatric Patients Presenting for Evaluation of Food Allergy
Carolyn H. Baloh, MD Daniel Winger, MS Tara Shankar, MD Merritt L. Fajt, MD Todd David Green, MD FAAAAI
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Perioperative Anaphylaxis: A Tertiary Pediatric Center Experience
Atoosa Kourosh, MD, MPH Karen Thursday S. Tuano, MD Dipika Patel, MD Nicholas Rider, DO Sara Anvari, MD Lenora M. Noroski, MD, MPH Kristin H. Dillard, MD Filiz O. Seeborg, MD, MPH
Analysis of Anaphylaxis Trigger Factors and Treatment during a Five Year Period in a Vilnius University Hospital
Audra Blaziene Neringa Buterleviciute Viktorija Paltarackiene Lawrence M. DuBuske, MD, FAAAAI
Accuracy of ICD-10 Coding for Anaphylaxis
Monthida Uthairat, MD Teeranai Sakulchit, MD Pasuree Sangsupawanich, MD, PhD
Alpha-Gal Hypersensitivity: A Case Series from Good Ol' Rocky Top Tennessee
Mike Tankersley, MD FAAAAI Alan DeJarnatt, MD Ross DeJarnatt
Comparison of Pediatric Anaphylaxis at Montreal Children's Hospital and British Columbia Children's Hospital: Rate, Clinical Characteristics, Triggers and Management
Alison YM Lee, MD Paul Enarson, MD, PhD Ann Clarke, MD, MSc Sebastian La Vieille, MD Harley Eisman, MD Edmond S. Chan, MD FAAAAI Christopher Mill, BSc, MPH Lawrence Joseph, PhD Moshe Ben-Shoshan
A Law Is Not Enough: Geographical Disparities in Stock Epinephrine Access in Kansas
Marissa A. Love, MD Madison Breeden, BS Kyle Dack, BA Alyssa Milner, BA Andrew C. Rorie, MD Selina A. Gierer, DO
Anaphylaxis Cases Treated By out-of-Hospital EMS in Western Quebec
Magdalena J. Grzyb, MD Ann Clarke, MD, MSc Nofar Kimchi Colette Lachaine Sebastian La Vieille, MD Lawrence Joseph, PhD Christopher Mill, BSc, MPH Moshe Ben-Shoshan, MD, MSc
Prehospital Administration of Epinephrine in Pediatric Anaphylaxis – a Statewide Perspective
Leslie M. Cristiano, MD Brian C. Hiestand, MD William A. Gower, MD Katherine C. Gilbert, MD Jason W. Caldwell, DO, FAAAAI Antonio R. Fernandez, PhD James E. Winslow, MD
Increase in Intensive Care Unit Admissions for Anaphylaxis in the United Kingdom 2008-2012
Deepan Vyas, MRCPCH Despo Ierodiakonou, MD PhD David A Harrison, MA PhD Tim Russell Paul J. Turner, FRACP PhD Robert J. Boyle, MBChB PhD
Anaphylaxis Fatalities in Australia 1997 to 2013
Raymond James Mullins, FRACP FRCPA PhD FAAAAI Woei Kang Liew, MD Brynn Wainstein, FRACP, PhD Elizabeth H Barnes, BAppSc, MStat Dianne E. Campbell, MD, FRACP, PhD
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