Food Allergy: Diagnosis and Management
Sunday, March 6, 2016: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
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Oral Immunotherapy for Sesame Food Allergy: Interim Analysis
Michael R Goldberg, MD PhD Michael B. Levy, MD FAAAAI Michael Y Appel, PhD Liat Nachshon, MD Keren Golobov, BScNutr RD Arnon Elizur, MD Hadas Yechiam-Caspi Yitzhak Katz, MD FAAAAI
Comparison of Diagnostic Tests for Sesame Food Allergy
Michael Y Appel, PhD Michael R Goldberg, MD PhD Liat Nachshon, MD Yitzhak Katz, MD FAAAAI
Analysis of Oral Food Challenges for Almond Hypersensitivity
Paul E. Hesterberg, MD Yamini Virkud, MD, MA, MPH Caroline Southwick Alexandra R. Alejos, BA Elisabeth S. Stieb, RN BSN AE-C Wayne Shreffler, MD PhD FAAAAI
Mild Ocular and Nasal Symptoms Are Not Indicative of Reactions during Open Oral Food Challenges
Katherine S. L. Tuttle, MD Elisabeth S. Stieb, RN BSN AE-C Paul E. Hesterberg, MD Wayne Shreffler, MD PhD FAAAAI Yamini Virkud, MD, MA, MPH
Implementation of a Standardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plan (SCAMP) for Food Challenges
Tander Simberloff Ron Parambi, MBBS MPH Lisa Bartnikas, MD Ana Dioun Broyles, MD FAAAAI Victoria Hamel Karol G. Timmons, RN MS CPNP D Marlowe Miller Dionne Graham, PhD Lynda C. Schneider, MD FAAAAI Andrew J. MacGinnitie, MD PhD
A Review of Food Challenges Performed on Children with Large Skin Prick Tests
Malika Gupta, MD Liron D. Grossmann, MD Jonathan M. Spergel, MD PhD FAAAAI Antonella Cianferoni, MD PhD FAAAAI
Basophil Activation and Peanut-Specific IgE Are Not Predictors of Threshold Dose during a Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Food Challenge (DBPCFC)
Moira E Breslin, MD MSc Deanna K. Hamilton, RN Rishu Guo, PhD Ping Ye, PhD Xiaotong Jiang Paul Stewart, PhD Stacy Chin, MD Edwin H. Kim, MD MS A. Wesley Burks, MD FAAAAI
Sustainability of Phenotype and Suppressive Activities of Tregs after Discontinuation of Epit but Not of OIT or Slit in Peanut Sensitized Mice.
Vincent Dioszeghy, PhD Lucie Mondoulet, PhD Camille Plaquet Emilie Puteaux Mélanie Ligouis Véronique Dhelft Christophe Dupont, MD PhD Pierre-Henri Benhamou, MD
Patients from Low-Income Families Referred for Oral Food Challenge Were More Likely to Pass
Koen R. Beukema John Leung, MD Yamini Virkud, MD, MA, MPH Alice H. Shen Sarita U. Patil, MD Jyoti Ramakrishna, MD Wayne Shreffler, MD PhD FAAAAI
Quantitative Assessment of the Safety Benefits Associated with Increasing Clinical Peanut Thresholds through Immunotherapy.
Joseph L. Baumert, PhD Laurent Martin, PharmD Claude Thébault, MD Steve L. Taylor, PhD Stef J Koppelman, PhD Charles Ruban, MSc
Determination of Milk Allergen Threshold Doses with Dedicated Challenge
Michal Melchior, MSc Liat Nachshon, MD Michael B. Levy, MD FAAAAI Michael R Goldberg, MD PhD Keren Golobov, BScNutr RD Arnon Elizur, MD Yitzhak Katz, MD FAAAAI
Early Peanut OIT-Induced Suppression of Basophil Reactivity Is a Marker of Sustained Unresponsiveness
Sarita U. Patil, MD Johanna Steinbrecher, B.S. Alex Ma, B.S. Neal Smith, B.S. Cecilia Washburn, B.S. Alanna Hickey Caroline Southwick Lauren Tracy Bert Ruiter, PhD Yamini Virkud, MD, MA, MPH Michael Schneider Wayne Shreffler, MD PhD FAAAAI
Peanut Allergen Thresholds in Israel – a "Low Peanut Allergy" Prevalence Area.
Tamar Yichie, BScNutr RD Michael R Goldberg, MD PhD Michael B. Levy, MD FAAAAI Liat Nachshon, MD Keren Golobov, BScNutr RD Arnon Elizur, MD Yitzhak Katz, MD FAAAAI
Consumer Attitudes Towards Packaged Foods Having Food Allergen Advisory Labeling
Catherine A Mills Julie Wang, MD FAAAAI Jacob D. Kattan, MD
Epicutaneous but Not Oral Immunotherapy Leads to Sustainable GATA-3 Hypermethylation and Foxp3 Hypomethylation in Peanut Sensitized Mice
Jorg Tost, PhD Lucie Mondoulet, PhD Emilie Puteaux Florence Busato Mélanie Ligouis Véronique Dhelft Camille Plaquet Christophe Dupont, MD PhD Pierre-Henri Benhamou, MD
Food Allergies in a Pediatric Clinic – Interventions to Improve Management
Ari Zelig, MD Ilana Harwayne-Gidansky, MD Allison Gault, MD Julie Wang, MD FAAAAI
IgE-Dependent Mechanism and Successful Desensitization of Erythritol Allergy
Shiro Sugiura, MD, MPH Yasuto Kondo, MD, PhD Ikuya Tsuge, MD, PhD Tomoko Nakagawa, MD Naoyuki Kando, MD Komei Ito, MD, PhD Norihisa Koyama, MD, PhD
Glucopyranosyl Lipid a (GLA) a Toll-like Receptor 4 (TLR4) Agonist for Use As an Adjuvant in Combination with Peanut Allergen Immunotherapy
Timothy J Soos Li Li Keith Graver Joanne Schiding Adrienne Xenos Dongling Chen Neil Fitch El-Bdaoui Haddad Catherine Jones Christopher Arendt
Tolerance Induction By Oral Immunotherapy in Patients with Cow's Milk Allergy
Mohsen Ebrahimi, MD Masoud Movahedi Mohammad Gharagozlou, MD Majid Jafari, MD Fatemeh Kiaee Reza Farid, MD FAAAAI
General Characteristics of Brazilian Children and Adolescents with Cow's Milk Protein Allergy before Starting Oral Tolerance Induction (OIT)
Fabio C Kuschnir, MD, PhD Jose Luiz M. Rios, MD PhD Alfredo A Neto, Dr. Mary A da Venda Flavia C Loyola Bruno B Souto, Dr. Joao B. M. Rios
Cow's Milk (CM) Oral Immunotheray (OIT) Early Immunologic Shiftings
Jose Luiz M. Rios, MD PhD Fabio C Kuschnir Alfredo Alves Neto Flavia C Loyola Mary A da Venda Cristiane A. Iraha Joao B. M. Rios
Real-Life Follow-up in Cows Milk Immunotherapy: Clinical and Serological Data
Paloma Poza-Guedes, MD Ruperto González-Pérez, MD, PhD Inmaculada Sanchez-Machin, MD Victor Matheu, MD, PhD
Succesfull Desensitization to Cow's Milk in Combination with Omalizumab
Cristina E. Jiménez, MD Yesenia Peña, MD Jesús Macias, MD Gustavo Córdova, MD Mar Moro, MD, PhD Ana Rosado, MD
Improvement in Skin Testing Is Associated with Increases in Milk Component- Specific IgA and IgG4 during Milk Oral Immunotherapy
Bahar Torabi, MD Sarah De Schryver, MD Tanvir Rahman, MSc Duncan Lejtenyi, MSc Ingrid Baerg, BSN CAE Edmond S. Chan, MD FAAAAI Bruce D. Mazer, MD FAAAAI Moshe Ben-Shoshan, MD, MSc
Oral Allergy Symptoms and Pollen Sensitization in Tree Nut Allergic Subjects Receiving Walnut Oral Immunotherapy (WOIT)
Amika Sood Amy M. Scurlock, MD Mallikarjuna R Rettiganti, PhD Anne M. Hiegel, RN CRC James D Sikes Suzanne E House Jennifer N Payne Jessica L Bettis Sarah E Beckwith Tamara T. Perry, MD Robbie D. Pesek, MD Josh L. Kennedy, MD Peggy L. Chandler, APN Chunqiao Luo, MS Stacie M. Jones, MD
Trends in Adverse Reactions Requiring Epinephrine in the Build-up Phase of Oral Immunotherapy
Arram Noshirvan Daniel H Petroni, MD PhD Mindy Tsai, DMSc Stephen J. Galli, MD R. Sharon Chinthrajah, MD Kari C. Nadeau, MD PhD FAAAAI
Long-Term Follow-up of Oral Immunotherapy for Multiple Food Allergies
Sonia Singh, MD Rohun A Kshirsagar Tina L.R. Dominguez Dana Tupa Whitney Block, MSN, CPNP, FNP-BC R. Sharon Chinthrajah, MD Kari C. Nadeau, MD PhD FAAAAI
NMR-Based Metabolomics Analysis Reproducibly Identifies Unique Subject-Specific Profiles That Change during Peanut Oral Immunotherapy
Brian P. Vickery, MD FAAAAI Michael D. Kulis Jr., PhD Delisha Stewart, PhD Wimal Pathmasiri, PhD Deanna K. Hamilton, RN Susan McRitchie, MS Jason P Burgess, PhD Susan Sumner, PhD A. Wesley Burks, MD FAAAAI
Safety of Viaskin Milk Epicutaneous Immunotherapy (EPIT) in IgE-Mediated Cow's Milk Allergy (CMA) in Children (MILES Study)
Karine Rutault, PhD Wence Agbotounou, PhD Aurélie Peillon Claude Thébault, MD Fanny Vincent, PhD Laurent Martin, PharmD Ruban Charles Christophe Dupont, MD PhD Pierre-Henri Benhamou, MD Hugh A. Sampson, MD FAAAAI
No Impact of Filaggrin Deficiency on Epit Efficacy in a Murine Model
Sophie Wavrin, PhD Lucie Mondoulet, PhD Vincent Dioszeghy, PhD Emilie Puteaux Mélanie Ligouis Véronique Dhelft Camille Plaquet Christophe Dupont, MD PhD Pierre-Henri Benhamou, MD
Children Suspected for Hazelnut Allergy with and without Concomitant Peanut Allergy Have 4 Independent and Well Characterized Serotypes.
Esben Eller, MSc. PhD Charlotte G Mortz, MD, Phd Carsten Bindslev-Jensen, MD PhD DMSci FAAAAI
Oral Food Challenge: Are There Better Means to Predict Outcomes?
Elias Akl, MD Donna W. Mitchell, RN MSN NP Wei Zhao, MD PhD FAAAAI
Positive Oral Food Challenge, Shall We Stop or Continue?
Sonsoles Infante, MD Maria Elisa Caralli, MD Alexandra Yago, MD Alberto Alvarez-Perea, MD Victoria Fuentes-Aparicio, MD Lydia Zapatero, MD, PhD
Outcomes of 109 Consecutive Open Food Challenges to Extensively-Heated (baked) Milk
Jeanifer Poon Elizabeth Feuille, MD Zara Atal Hugh A. Sampson, MD FAAAAI Anna H. Nowak-Wegrzyn, MD FAAAAI
Severity of Reactions to Oral Peanut Challenges in Children and Adults
R. Sharon Chinthrajah, MD Jaime S. Rosa, MD PhD Dana Tupa Bridget Smith, PhD Ruchi S. Gupta, MD MPH Stephen J. Galli, MD Kari C. Nadeau, MD PhD FAAAAI
The Role of Oral Food Challenge in Peanut-Sensitized Individuals
Michael B. Levy, MD FAAAAI Liat Nachshon, MD Michael R Goldberg, MD PhD Hadas Yechiam-Caspi Keren Golobov, BScNutr RD Arnon Elizur, MD Yitzhak Katz, MD FAAAAI
High Diagnostic Sensitivity and Specificity By Analysis of IgE to Different Types of Gliadins When Evaluating Wheat Allergy in Children
Sigrid Sjolander, PhD Nora Nilsson Helena Ekoff Sandra Wieser, PhD Gunilla Hedlin, MD PhD Rudolf Valenta, MD Magnus P Borres, MD, PhD, FAAAAI Caroline Nilsson, MD, PhD
The Relationship Between Self-Efficacy, Quality of Life, and Oral Food Challenge
Matthew J. Greenhawt, MD MBA MSc Christopher E. Couch, MD Timothy J. Franxman, MD Audrey Dunn Galvin
Fraction of Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) and Abdominal Pain and/or Vomiting in Reaction to Oral Food Challenge
Sara C. Slatkin, MD Dana Tupa Kari C. Nadeau, MD PhD FAAAAI R. Sharon Chinthrajah, MD
Determination of Sesame Allergen Threshold Doses
Keren Golobov, BScNutr RD Tamar Yichie, BScNutr RD Michael B. Levy, MD FAAAAI Michael R Goldberg, MD PhD Liat Nachshon, MD Arnon Elizur, MD Yitzhak Katz, MD FAAAAI
The Risk of Failing Oral Food Challenge to Baked Egg and Milk Increases with Wheat Flour Replacers
Bruce J. Lanser, MD Nathan Rabinovitch, MD, MPH Erwin W. Gelfand, MD FAAAAI Pia J. Hauk, MD
What Is Different about Kids Who Fail Oral Food Challenge to Egg?
Kathryn M Barbon Christine Szychlinski Ashley L Devonshire, MD, MPH Anne Marie Singh
Oral Food Challenge Failures to Egg, Milk, and Peanut: An Evaluation of Doses, Proportion, and Time
Girish V. Vitalpur, MD FAAAAI Kirsten Kloepfer, MD MS James Slaven, MS Frederick E. Leickly, MD MPH FAAAAI
Characteristics of Tree Nut Challenges in Tree Nut Allergic and Tree Nut Sensitized Individuals
Christopher E. Couch, MD Timothy J. Franxman, MD Matthew J. Greenhawt, MD MBA MSc
Intracellular Expression of Fluorochrome Labelled-Diamine Oxidase in Basophils: A Novel Diagnostic Tool for Peanut Allergy
Yasmin R. Mohseni, B.Sc Paul J. Turner, FRACP PhD Robert J. Boyle, MBChB PhD Andrew Clark, MRCPCH MD Abigail O Robb, B.Sc Stephen R. Durham, MA MD FRCP Mohamed H. Shamji, BSc MSc PhD FAAAAI
Evaluation of Testing with Baked Milk Muffin to Predict Safe Ingestion of Baked Milk in Unbaked Milk Allergic Subjects
Julia E. Upton, MD FRCP(C) Maria Asper, MD, FRCP(C) Elana Lavine, MD, FRCP(C) David Hummel, MD, FRCP(C)
Using BAT As a Predictor for Baked Egg Oral Food Challenge Outcomes
Opal Kamdar, MD Maaria Syed, MD Kristin A Erickson Ashleigh A. Olson, MD Christine Szychlinski Miao Cai, MS Anne Marie Singh
Utility of Immunoproteomics in Soybean Allergy
Naoshi Shimojo, PhD Masashi Nakamura Nayu Sato Akiyo Sano, MD Tsukane Kobayashi, MD, PhD Akiko Yagami, MD, PhD Atsushi Kojima Kayoko Matsunaga, MD, PhD
Pen a 1 Improves Clinical Predictability of Shrimp Allergy Compared to Skin Prick Testing
Karen Thursday S. Tuano, MD Adrian M Casillas, MD FAAAAI Sara Anvari, MD Joud Hajjar, MD I. Celine Hanson, MD FAAAAI Filiz O. Seeborg, MD, MPH Lenora M. Noroski, MD, MPH Grace Kang Danielle Guffey, MS Carla M. Davis, MD FAAAAI
Component-Resolved Diagnosis in Hazelnut Allergy
Ismael Garcia-Moguel Cinthia De la cruz Natividad De Las Cuevas, PhD Ramón Vives Conesa, MD Jesus F. Fernandez Crespo, MD Maria Del Carmen Dieguez, MD, PhD
Utility of Measuring Cow's Milk Components Specific IgE Levels in Evaluating Clinical Tolerance of Milk Allergy
Kazuyo Kuzume Munemitsu Koizumi Koji Nishimura Michiko Okamoto Eiichi Ishii
In Vivo Diagnosis with Purified Tropomyosin. Comparison of Tropomyosin Sensitization in Shellfish and Mite Allergic Patients
Jerónimo Carnés M. Angeles López Matas Raquel Moya Carlos H. Larramendi, MD Julio Huertas, MD Angel Ferrer, MD, PhD Luis A Navaro Jose L. Garcia-Abujeta Sandra Vicario Isabel Flores Carmen Andreu Maribel Peña Inmaculada Sanchez-Guerrero
The Ability of Pediatric Health Care Providers to Visually Identity Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Seeds
Kara Wada, MD Princess U. Ogbogu, MD FAAAAI Sarah Hostetler, MD Todd L. Hostetler, MD FAAAAI Bryan L. Martin, DO FAAAAI Margaret Redmond, MD Rebecca Scherzer, MD FAAAAI
Reasons for Peanut Specific IgE Ordering Among Community Physicians
Kaitlyn Spears, B.S. Alyssa Drosdak Elizabeth A. Erwin, MD Irene Mikhail, MD
Serum IgE Results Differ According to Indication for Peanut Allergy Testing
Alyssa D. Drosdak, B.S. Kaitlyn Spears, B.S. Elizabeth A. Erwin, MD Irene Mikhail, MD
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