New Strategies for Patient and Provider Education
Sunday, March 6, 2016: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
Convention Center, Level One, South Exhibit Hall H
Poster Session
0.00 CME/CE
Anaphylaxis Preparedness Initiative for Allergen Immunotherapy: Implementation of an Online Training Module
Lisanne P. Newton, MD Ahila Subramanian, MD, MPH David M. Lang, MD FAAAAI
Combined Program with Computer-Based Learning and Peer Education in Early Adolescents with Asthma: A Pilot Study
Tomohisa Ando, MD Kiwako Yamamoto-Hanada, MD Mizuho Nagao, MD Takao Fujisawa, MD PhD FAAAAI Yukihiro Ohya, MD, PhD
Caregiver Satisfaction with a Food Allergy Education Kiosk
Niti Y. Chokshi, MD Scott H. Sicherer, MD FAAAAI
The Knowledge of School-Aged Children with Low Socioeconomic Status
Serap Ozmen Ilknur Bostanci, MD Zeynep Sengul Emeksiz Aysegul Ertugrul
A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Educational Handbook for Parents of Children with Food Allergy
Jennifer S. LeBovidge, PhD Alexis Michaud, BA Ashley Deleon, BA Laurie Harada, BA Susan Waserman, MD FAAAAI Lynda C. Schneider, MD FAAAAI
Food Allergy Knowledge Among Summer Camp Personnel before and after an Evidence Based Educational Session
Margaret Redmond, MD Rebecca Scherzer, MD FAAAAI Kara J. Wada, MD Kasey Strothman, MD Erin Kempe Barbara Galantowicz David R. Stukus, MD FAAAAI
The Importance of Educating Pediatric Trainees about Food Allergy
Lukman I. Abdurrahim, MD Mehdi M. Adeli, MD Ahmad H Al-Hammadi, MBChB,FRCPC Mohamed A Hendaus, MD,FAAP
Reliability of Youtube Videos for Patient Education on Food Allergies
Charl Khalil Michael Megaly Amira Ibrahim Ves Dimov, MD
Teaching and Evaluating Residents' Epinephrine Autoinjector Use with the Epipen® Proficiency Assessment Tool (E-PAT)
Artemio M. Jongco III, MD PhD MPH Scott J Bodner, MD Ana Barrera Joshua L Brenner Brianne Navetta-Modrov, MD Myriam Kline, PhD Saima I Chaudhry, MD Gregory Grimaldi, MD Barry F Kanzer, MD Michal Tamuz, PhD
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