Immunotherapy, Rhinoconjunctivitis
Monday, March 7, 2016: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
Convention Center, Level One, South Exhibit Hall H
Poster Session
0.00 CME/CE
Contrast Agent Reduces Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms
Erik Viirre, MD PhD J. Ernest Villafranca, PhD S. David Miller, MD Paul Gomes Elliott Lasser, MD
Three Complementary Pathways Characterize the Suppressive Properties of Epit-Induced Tregs
Benjamin Pelletier, Master degree Lucie Mondoulet, PhD Emilie Puteaux Mélanie Ligouis Véronique Dhelft Camille Plaquet Christophe Dupont, MD PhD Pierre-Henri Benhamou, MD
SEMA4A Contributes Eosinopillic Phenotypes in Asthma and Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps (CRSwNP)
Yohei Maeda Masaki Hayama Kazuya Takeda Atsushi Kumanogoh Hidenori Inohara
Treatment of Percistent Blepharitis and Keratoconjuctivitis with Intraocular and Topical Use of Tacrolimus 0.03% Ointment.
Konstantinos Syrigos Nikolaos K Syrigos Maria Vasiliou Maria Zande Ekaterini I. Syrigou, PhD
Demonstrating the Repeatability of the Nasal Allergen Challenge Protocol Utilized By the Allergic Rhinitis – Clinical Investigator Collaborative (AR-CIC)
Mena Soliman, MBChB, MSc (candidate) Jenny Thiele, MSc Daniel Adams, BSc Lisa M. Steacy, BSc Anne K. Ellis, MD MSc FAAAAI
Patients' Knowledge and Attitude about Allergen Immunotherapy
Young-Hee Nam, MD Soo-Keol Lee, MD Dong-Sub Jeon
Characteristics of Systemic Reactions in the Setting of Modified Environmental Rush Immunotherapy Protocol (MERIT)
Stacy L. Rosenberg, MD Merritt L. Fajt, MD Russell Traister, MD PhD Andrej A. Petrov, MD
Co-Seasonal Initiation of Allergen Immunotherapy: A Systematic Review
Peter S. Creticos, MD FAAAAI David I. Bernstein, MD Thomas B. Casale, MD FAAAAI Richard F. Lockey, MD Hendrik Nolte, MD, PhD
Adherence to Topical Medications for Chronic Rhinosinusitis: Medication Posession Ratio and Description of Adherence Barriers
Brittany T Hines, MD Devyani Lal, MD Matthew A. Rank, MD FAAAAI John C Lewis, MD Harry G. Teaford, MD
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