Changing High Risk Asthma in Memphis through Partnership (CHAMP): A Healthcare Delivery Innovation Program for Pediatric Asthma
Saturday, March 4, 2017: 3:00 PM
Rooms B405-B406 (Georgia World Congress Center, Building B)
Christie F. Michael, MD, , , , ,
Rationale:   The Changing High Risk Asthma in Memphis through Partnership (CHAMP) program is a healthcare delivery innovation to treat pediatric asthma, which accounts for 40% of admissions to our children’s hospital. The aim of CHAMP is to reduce hospital admissions and ED utilization for asthma exacerbations.

Methods:   Children on government insurance with poorly controlled asthma (ED/hospital utilization) qualified for the program. CHAMP program components address weaknesses in the current healthcare delivery system, which include fragmented care, poor sharing of information across points of care, and inadequate access to care. A high-risk asthma registry was developed to house insurance claims data and enhance data sharing across points of care. A community-based care coordination team brings support services into the home and school and makes providers more accessible at the time of need. A 24-hour asthma call line ensures patients access to sick/after hours care. We measured outcomes of calls to our 24-hour call line, as well as reductions in emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Data compares 12 months prior to 12 months post enrollment for each patient.

Results:   479 children were enrolled. We report a 55% reduction in ED visits from pre to post CHAMP (mean±SD: 1.53±1.32 vs 0.69±1; p <0.001) and a 68% reduction in hospitalizations (0.65±0.88 vs 0.21±0.51; p <0.001). 72% of calls for respiratory complaints were resolved without hospital visit.

Conclusions:    The CHAMP multidisciplinary team is connected with medical providers but extends beyond clinic walls to bring services into the community, making medical and social services more accessible and reducing hospital utilization.