The Impact of the Algorithmic Software Tool to Help Manage Asthma (ASTHMA) Educator Mobile Health Application on Asthma Knowledge in Patients with Atopy and/or Eosinophilia
Monday, March 6, 2017
Exhibit Hall B2 (Georgia World Congress Center, Building B)
Ryan Abraham, Taha Keskin, MD, Sunit P Jariwala, MD
Rationale: The Algorithmic Software Tool to Help Manage Asthma (ASTHMA)-Educator mobile health application has been developed at Montefiore and pilot tested among severe asthmatics. We describe the impact of the ASTHMA-Educator on patients with atopy and/or eosinophilia. 

Methods: Study participants were divided into groups based on whether or not they had atopy (at least 1 positive skin and/or specific IgE test), and the same was done for patients with eosinophilia (absolute eosinophil count > 0.4 K/μL). Pre-and post-intervention asthma knowledge scores following the ASTHMA-Educator intervention were compared with scores following the nurse-delivered education for atopic and non-atopic patients and patients with/without eosinophilia. Comparisons were performed through the 2-sample t-test. 

Results: The study had 50 patients in total. There were 26 atopic patients and 2 non-atopic patients. There were 10 patients with eosinophilia, and 40 without eosinophilia. Mean asthma knowledge scores pre- and post intervention increased for both groups: using the ASTHMA Educator, both atopic (9.96 vs. 12.2, p=0.0003), and non-atopic patients (10 vs. 12 p=0.500) had increased scores. Atopic patients had significantly increased scores (10.15 vs. 14, p=0.0040) with the nurse-delivered education. Patients with eosinophilia (9.5 vs. 11.83, p=0.0751) and patients without eosinophilia (9.92 vs. 12.32, p= 0.0032) had increased scores using the ASTHMA-Educator. Through nurse-delivered education, both patients with eosinophilia (10.4 vs. 14.6 p=0.0032) and patients without (10.13 vs. 13.8 p=0.0004) had increased scores.  

Conclusions: Patients with atopy and those with eosinophilia demonstrated improved asthma knowledge through the ASTHMA-Educator and nurse-delivered interventions. Additional larger studies are needed to further evaluate the ASTHMA-Educator.