Pathways to the Development of Asthma: Lessons from the Inner City Asthma Consortium
Sunday, March 5, 2017: 10:45 AM-12:00 PM
Georgia World Congress Center, Building B, Level 5, Thomas B. Murphy Ballroom 1
1.25 CME/CE
Alkis Togias , MD FAAAAI

Learning Objectives:
  1. Review the influences of environmental allergens and microbes on the development of asthma in at risk children
  2. Discuss and identify the causative pathways leading to asthma and its severity
  3. Discuss the identification of key genetic pathways in the development of asthma
This Session Will Use Audience Response Technology.
10:45 AM
How Do Environmental Allergens and Microbes Influence the Development of Asthma?
George T. O'Connor, MD
11:05 AM
Question & Answer
11:10 AM
What are the Environmental Determinants and Causative Pathways That Lead to Asthma Severity?
Jacqueline A. Pongracic, MD FAAAAI
11:30 AM
Question & Answer
11:35 AM
What are the Genetic Pathways That May Regulate the Development of Asthma?
Matthew C. Altman, MD
11:55 AM
Question & Answer
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