31st Annual Harold S. Nelson Military Allergy/Immunology Symposium
Thursday, March 2, 2017: 7:20 AM-3:30 PM
Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Exhibit Level (LL2), Hanover Hall C-E
7.00 CME/CE
Kevin M. White , MD

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss the challenges associated with the procurement and processing of natural raw materials used to prepare allergen extracts
  2. Discuss recent peanut immunotherapy and peanut allergy prevention studies
  3. Discuss the differences between allergen desensitization, sustained allergen unresponsiveness and allergen tolerance
7:20 AM
Registration and Breakfast
7:50 AM
Welcome and Introduction
Kevin M. White, MD
8:00 AM
Morning Address: How Allergen Extracts Are Made: From Raw Materials to Final Extracts
Rosa Codina, PhD FAAAAI
9:00 AM
Fellow Original Research
9:15 AM
Hymenoptera Venom Hypersensitivity Evaluation (HVHE): Preliminary Results from a Prospective Study Comparing Skin and in Vitro Testing
Jeannie L. Bay, DO
9:35 AM
The Evaluation of Serum Tryptase Levels after Subcutaneous Immunotherapy-Associated Systemic Reactions
Edward Champoux, MD
Fellow Case Reports
9:55 AM
Anaphylaxis: How Sweet It Is!
Camellia Hernandez, MD
10:15 AM
Autoimmune Progesterone Dermatitis: Pearls and Pitfalls of Diagnosis and Management
Amanda L. Long, DO
10:35 AM
Defense Health Agency: Immunization Healthcare Branch Update
Margaret Yacovone, MD FAAAAI
11:05 AM
Military Aeroallergen Extract Laboratory Updates
Margaret Yacovone, MD FAAAAI
11:35 AM
Lunch and Bruton Lecture: Food Allergy: What Is Tolerance?
Andrew Clark, MB BS MD
Consultants to the Surgeons General Updates
12:55 PM
VHA Allergy Committee
Anna H. Heisser, MD
1:10 PM
Air Force
Christopher A. Coop, MD
1:25 PM
Kirk H. Waibel, MD FAAAAI
1:40 PM
Rachel Umi Lee, MD FAAAAI
1:55 PM
Panel Discussion: Service-Unique Strategies for Evaluation and Management of Food Allergy: Entry and Retention
VHA Panel Discussion Speaker
Anna H. Heisser, MD
Air Force Panel Discussion Speaker
Christopher A. Coop, MD
Army Panel Discussion Speaker
Kirk H. Waibel, MD FAAAAI
Navy Panel Discussion Speaker
Rachel Umi Lee, MD FAAAAI
3:15 PM
Business Meeting and Award Presentations
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