Specificity And Sensitivity Of Nasal Provocation Test With Dermatophagoides Siboney Allergenic Extract In Sensitive Allergic Rhinitis.
Sunday, March 4, 2018
South Hall A2 (Convention Center)
Raúl Lázaro Castro Almarales, MD, Lissette A García Navarro, Marta Ortega Lamas, Manuel E Sevila Salas, Mirta Álvarez Castelló, MD, Mercedes Ronquillo Diaz, MSc, Mayda González León, Jose S. Rodriguez Canosa, MSc, Wendy Ramirez Gonzalez, MSc, Bárbara I Navarro Vitre, Maivis Cabrera Quiala, Mary C. Reyes Zamora, MSc, Rosado Alexis Labrada, Maytee Mateo Morejon, MSc

Sensitization to Dermatophagoides siboney is a major cause of Cubans allergic rhinitis. Dermatophagoides siboney described first in Cuba and found in the Caribbean, phylogenetically close to Dermatophagoides farinae. Nasal provocation test (NPT) is indicated to confirm the diagnosis of allergic rhinitis to house dust mites. Objective: To evaluate the specificity and sensitivity of NPT with an allergenic extract of Dermatophagoides siboney.


An open, non-randomized, controlled clinical trial was carried out in 50 patients with allergic rhinitis sensitized to D. siboney mite and 50 non-allergicsubjects. Both groups were subjected to skin prick test and the NPT according to World Allergy Organization Statement. The freeze dried standardized allergic extract of D. siboney (VALERGEN-DS (BIOCEN, Cuba) was used at a different concentrations (20, 200, 2000 and 20000 BU/mL). Efficacy was evaluated through the values of sensitivity, specificity and efficiency.


A predominance of female sex was observed in both groups (52%). Both groups were comparable with respect to demographic characteristics (p>0,05). NPT was positive in 47 out of 50 sensitized patients (94%). While, no positive response was obtained thenon-allergic group. Specificity was high: 100% (95%CI: 99-100%) and Sensitivity too: 94% (86-100%). The diagnostic efficiency was 97% (96.5-97.5%).In addition, there was a significant correlation (Spearman, r=0.88; p <0.0001) between the skin reactivity and NPT response. Area under the ROC curve was 0.977 (0.93-1.0) and a p<0.0001.Only one non-specific adverse reactions were reported in allergy patients.


Allergenic extract of Dermatophagoides siboney was specific and sensitive for its diagnostic use in NPT.