The effect of standardized house-dust mite extract in subcutaneous immunotherapy.
Monday, March 5, 2018
South Hall A2 (Convention Center)
Yuya Tanaka, Ikuo Okafuji, Satoru Tsuruta

Standardized allergen extracts are recommended for allergen immunotherapy. Since 2015, our clinic used a standardized house-dust mite extract for subcutaneous immunotherapy, instead of non-standardized house dust extract for patients with house dust mite allergies. We hypothesized that standardized house-dust mite extract (standardized group) was superior to non-standardized house dust extract (non-standardized group) for subcutaneous immunotherapy.

METHODS: This was a non-interventional, retrospective study. We included patients with allergic rhinitis and sensitization to house-dust mites. The standardized group (11 patients) had subcutaneous standardized extract immunotherapy beginning in 2015, and the non-standardized group (37 patients) received non-standardized extracts, before 2015. We evaluated the safety and efficacy between the two groups. We assessed safety by the systemic reaction (SR) rate. Efficacy was assessed by reductions in the allergic rhinitis symptom-medication score, and the asthma treatment score, over a year.

RESULTS: The SR rate of standardized group (55%) was significantly higher than that (11%) of the non-standardized group. The standardized group exhibited 47% reduction in the allergic rhinitis symptom-medication score, which was significantly higher than the 40% reduction seen in the non-standardized group. In the standardized group, there was a 65% reduction in the asthma treatment score, significantly greater than the 37% reduction seen among patients in the non-standardized group.


Standardized house-dust mite extract was more effective than non-standardized house dust extract for subcutaneous immunotherapy; however, the establishment of safer methods is needed.