Identification of a relevant allergen in the induction of rhinoconjuntivitis in subjects sensitized to peach pollen.
Monday, March 5, 2018
South Hall A2 (Convention Center)
Elisa Haroun-Díaz, Laura Victorio-Puche, Natalia Blanca López, Damian lopez-Sanchez, Maria Luisa Somoza, Jose Alessandro Bastidas-Parlanti, Francisco Javier Ruano Pérez, María Gabriela Canto, MD, PhD, Araceli Diaz Perales, Miguel Blanca

Peach pollen has been shown to be relevant in the induction of sensitisation in areas of rosaceae fruit agriculture. We have identified a protein of 15 kD as Pru p X that is recognized by patients who are sensitized to peach pollen. Our aim was to prove that in cases with skin test positive to peach pollen and Pru p X, symptoms were induced after nasal challenge with this new allergen.


We evaluated subjects who referred nasal/conjunctival symptoms during the exposure to peach tree pollen. Criteria for inclusion were skin prick test positive to peach pollen extract as well as to Pru p X. A nasal provocation tests was made with whole pollen peach extract (5 mg/ml) and if positive further provocation with Pru p X (20 mcg/ml)was made. Response was measured by acoustic rhinomanometry and symptoms score.


Out of 8 cases evaluated with the selection criteria mentioned above, 5 cases we showed a positive nasal response to both whole pollen extract and Pru p X. In all of them there was a decrease in acoustic rhinomanometry greater than the 20% of nasal volume plus the appearance of symptoms within the first 30 minutes after challenge and persisted for several hours.


Pru p X is a relevant allergen present in peach pollen that induces symptoms after pollen exposure and challenge with the purified Pru p 3. Futher work in in progress to ass the clinical relevance.