Clinical validation of Environmental Exposure Chamber in Strasbourg (ALYATEC®)with cat in asthmatic patients
Monday, March 5, 2018
South Hall A2 (Convention Center)
Carmen Radu, Ibrahim Choual, Naji Khayath, Nicole Beck, Florian Schoettel, Audrey Jacob, Nathalie Domis, Frederic J. de Blay, MD
RATIONALE: As recommended by the Task Force on Environmental Exposure Chamber (EEC), allergenic and non-allergenic exposure must be better controlled in EEC.

AIM : To validate Strasbourg EEC by determining the concentration of Fel d1 inducing 50% of early asthmatic response (EAR) and/or late phase asthmatic response (LAR) in subjects sensitized to cat.

METHODS: It was a randomized, double blind, cross-over study including group A:20 asthmatic subjects allergic to cat and group B:10 asthmatic subjects allergic to another allergen. All subjects were first exposed to placebo. Group A was exposed to 2 Fel d1 concentrations. The number and size of particles were recorded online during the exposure. Group B was exposed to the concentration of Fel d1 which fulfills the objective of the study.

RESULTS: The mean age of subjects was 29 years (±8). For the 2 concentrations of Fel d1 we obtained more than 50% EAR and/or LAR. The mean time necessary to obtain an EAR was: 59.7±8 min and 138.6±90 min for the LAR. The mean fall in FEV1 during EAR and LAR was -29,22% and -17,64% respectively. We didn't observe any severe reaction. No subjects in group B experienced any symptoms during exposure.

CONCLUSIONS: We have validated ALYATEC’s EEC in subjects with asthma sensitized to cat. We also demonstrated its specificity. That is of interest for future clinical studies with asthmatic treatments