Studies on the allergens of peach pollen in an area of high exposure to peach trees cultivars.
Monday, March 5, 2018
South Hall A2 (Convention Center)
Miguel Blanca, MD, PhD

Peach tree pollen has ben identified as relevant in areas of peach tree cultivar. After olive and grass, it is the third one inducing sensitisation in these areas. Our aim was to study if peach tree pollen contain other allergens that can induce sensitisation in addition to Pru p 3.


Skin tests with peach pollen extracts were made in subjects with seasonal symptoms during the period of production of this pollen in an area of high exposure. Sera from positive skin tests cases were obtained and SDS-PAGE and immublotting analysis was made.


Using pool of sera of mono-sensitized cases negative to Pru p 3 and other pollens several bands were identified that corresponded to 45, 25 and 15 kD. We named the 15D band as Pru p X. This protein and Pru p 3 in 110 cases skin test positive to peach pollen. The 40 % were prick positive to Pru p X and the 35% to Pru p 3. The12% were positive to both and in the remaining cases with skin test positive to peach pollen both were negative.


Peach pollen has several allergens that can be involved in the induction of sensitisation and allergy in highly exposed populations. From these we identify the Pru p X that has not been previously recognized. Because subjects were also positive to Pru p 3, the respiratory tract can be a pathway of sensitisation to this pan-allergen. The clinical relevance of these findings is under evaluation.