Effect of pregnancy on lengths of stay of admitted asthmatic patients in an urban inner city tertiary hospital.
Monday, March 5, 2018
South Hall A2 (Convention Center)
Emmanuel Kwesiga, MBChB, Rauno Joks, MD

8% to 9% of pregnant women report current asthma, which worsens in one-third, is stable in one-third, and improves in one-third.

We investigated the effect of pregnancy on lengths of stay of admitted asthma patients in an urban inner city tertiary hospital, which serves a large inner city population which is at increased risk for asthma morbidity and mortality.


A retrospective review of adult asthma inpatient discharge data from 2013-2015 was done for patients treated at Kings County Hospital Center.

315 pregnant asthmatics were matched with female asthmatic patients of similar age with no significant comorbidities managed on the medicine floor. The severity of asthma and details of treatment were unknown from the dataset.

Length of stay between the two groups was analyzed using a 2 tailed Mann-Whitney test.


Pregnant asthmatics admitted with exacerbation had reduced length of stay compared to matched controls on the medicine floor (3.5 days vs 4 days, p=0.002).


The large majority women who are pregnant receive prenatal care, which addresses their health concerns and promotes adherence to medications. This increased health care may improve asthma severity and decrease asthma length of stay for pregnant women compared to those who are not pregnant.