Role of Non-Allergists in the Removal of “Penicillin-Allergic” Labels
Saturday, March 3, 2018: 12:45 PM
Plaza G (Hyatt)
August Generoso, MD, , , , ,
RATIONALE: Appropriate removal of “penicillin-allergic” label is beneficial because such a label is associated with increased length of hospital stay/costs and carries the risk of increased patient morbidity. We noticed that there exists a group of patients who had prior documentation of penicillin allergy, which was then removed from their medical record. We evaluated how that label was removed with the goal of determining the role of non-allergists in the removal of the label.

METHODS: We performed a retrospective cohort chart review of patients who were evaluated in the emergency department or hospitalized in an inner city hospital from December 2016 through June 2017 using our electronic medical record.

RESULTS: One hundred and forty-nine patients had prior documentation of penicillin allergy removed from their chart. Of the 149 patients, 53% (n=79) had the label removed without clear documentation of how such a determination was reached, while 47% (n=70) had clear documentation. Of the 70 with clear documentation, Allergy & Immunology removed the label in 20% (n=14) of patients via skin testing and subsequent oral challenge, while non-allergists removed the allergy in 80% (n=56) of cases.

CONCLUSIONS: Primary providers, other specialists, and pharmacists had a significant role in the removal of “penicillin allergic” labels.