Management of Special Issues in Mastocytosis
Mast Cell/Eosinophilic Disorders
Friday, March 2, 2018: 10:00 AM-12:30 PM
Convention Center, South Concourse, Level 3, S310GH
2.50 CME/CE
Primary Moderators:
Dean D. Metcalfe, MD, FAAAAI
Yoseph A. Mekori, MD FAAAAI

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify cutaneous mastocytosis lesions in adults and children
  2. Discuss gastrointestinal and neurological features of mastocytosis
  3. Discuss how to diagnose and treat venom allergy in mastocytosis
10:00 AM
Recognizing and Treating Skin Lesions in Pediatric and Adult Mastocytosis
Karin Hartmann, MD
10:20 AM
Question & Answer
10:25 AM
Diagnosis, Monitoring and Treatment Options for Mastocytosis-Related Osteoporosis
Sigurd Broesby-Olsen, MD
10:45 AM
Question & Answer
10:50 AM
Mast Cells in the Gastrointestinal Tract: Is It Mastocytosis? Update in Diagnosis and Treatment
Matthew Hamilton, MD
11:10 AM
Question & Answer
11:15 AM
The Importance and the Clinical Impact of Neurologic, Psychiatric, and Other Mediator-Induced Symptoms in Mastocytosis
Mariana C. Castells, MD PhD
11:35 AM
Question & Answer
11:40 AM
Venom Allergy and Mastocytosis
Patrizia Bonadonna, MD
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  • 12:00 PM
    Question & Answer
    12:05 PM
    MCAS: Is It Just the New Overlap Syndrome of the Decade?
    Lawrence B. Schwartz, MD PhD FAAAAI
    12:25 PM
    Question & Answer
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