The Microbiome: Terminology, Genetics, Role in Atopy Inception and Progression and Implications for Prevention
Immune Mechanisms
Friday, March 2, 2018: 10:00 AM-12:30 PM
Convention Center, South Concourse, Level 2, S230AB
2.50 CME/CE
Joshua L. Kennedy, MD

Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe the essential terminology and common research methodologies of the microbiome field
  2. Discuss the evidence on the roles of airway bacterial-viral interactions, the gut microbiome and molds/fungi as determinants of atopy inception and progression
  3. Discuss how the microbiome may serve as a target for atopy/asthma prevention approaches
10:00 AM
Microbiome 101: Essential Terminology and Common Research Methodologies
Yvonne Huang, MD
10:20 AM
Question & Answer
10:25 AM
Do Host Genetics Affect the Airway Microbiome Composition?
Carole Ober, PhD
10:45 AM
Question & Answer
10:50 AM
Environmental Exposures, the Gut Microbiome and the Development of Allergic Diseases
Susan V. Lynch, PhD
11:10 AM
Question & Answer
11:15 AM
Bacterial-Viral Interactions: Determinants of Childhood Asthma Inception and Progression
Avraham Beigelman, MD MSCI FAAAAI
11:35 AM
Question & Answer
11:40 AM
Not Just Bacteria: The Role of Molds and Fungi in Atopy and Asthma Development
David B. Corry, MD
12:00 PM
Question & Answer
12:05 PM
The Microbiome: Target for Atopy Prevention
Donata Vercelli, MD
12:25 PM
Question & Answer
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