32nd Annual Harold S. Nelson Military Allergy/Immunology Symposium
Thursday, March 1, 2018: 7:20 AM-3:15 PM
Convention Center, South Concourse, Level 2, S220EF
6.50 CME/CE
Taylor A. Banks, MD

Learning Objectives:
  1. Discuss emerging tryptase disorders and the process of evaluating affected patients
  2. Identify different asthma phenotypes/endotypes and targeted/personalized treatment approaches
  3. Discuss the limitations of a phenotype/endotypes-based approach to asthma management
7:20 AM
Registration and Breakfast
7:50 AM
Welcome and Overview
Taylor A. Banks, MD
8:00 AM
Morning Address: The Buzz Around Alpha-Tryptase
Jonathan Lyons, MD
9:00 AM
Case Reports
9:10 AM
Severe Malnutrition Mimicking an Immune Dysregulation Syndrome
Martin O. Evans, DO
9:25 AM
Complement Deficiency in an Active Duty Sailor
Luke Pittman, MD
9:40 AM
Persistent Hypogammaglobulinemia after in Utero Rituximab Exposure
Diana R. Lindsey, MD
9:55 AM
An Uncommon Case of Common Variable Immunodeficiency
Karin J. Brockman, MD
Original Research
10:10 AM
Safety and Efficacy of a 12-Week Maintenance Interval in Patients Treated with Imported Fire Ant Immunotherapy: An Interim Update
Rebecca Schapira, DO
10:25 AM
Rapid Build-up in Subcutaneous Aeroallergen Immunotherapy (SCIT) Refill Dosing
Chandra S. Punch, MD
10:40 AM
Improvement in Spirometry Quality after ATS Criteria Incorporation
Priya Nath, MD
10:55 AM
Defense Health Agency: Immunization Healthcare Branch Update
Limone C. Collins, MD
11:05 AM
Military Aeroallergen Extract Laboratory Updates
Brian D. Robertson, MD
11:15 AM
Widening the Aperture: Elucidating the Pathogenesis of Vaccine and Biologic Countermeasure Development Against Warfighter ID Threats
Christopher Brian Soltis, MD
11:25 AM
MAIA: Research Goals and Collaborative Efforts
John Freiler, MD FAAAAI
11:40 AM
Lunch and Bruton Lecture: The Evolution of Molecular Phenotypes in Asthma: Implications for Treatment
Sally E. Wenzel, MD FAAAAI
Consultants to the Surgeons General Updates
1:00 PM
VHA Allergy Committee
Anna H. Heisser, MD
1:15 PM
Air Force
John Freiler, MD FAAAAI
1:30 PM
Kirk H. Waibel, MD FAAAAI
1:45 PM
Rachel Umi Lee, MD FAAAAI FACP
2:00 PM
Interactive Small Group Discussion
VHA Allergy Committee Moderator
Anna H. Heisser, MD
Air Force Moderator
John Freiler, MD FAAAAI
Army Moderator
Kirk H. Waibel, MD FAAAAI
Navy Moderator
Rachel Umi Lee, MD FAAAAI FACP
2:50 PM
Business Meeting
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