Asthma Diagnosis
Sunday, March 4, 2018: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
Convention Center, South Concourse, Level 1, South Hall A2
Poster Session
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Study On Asthma Exacerbations In Patients With Asthma And Rhinitis
Ken Ohta, MD PhD FAAAAI Hiroshi Tanaka, MD Yuhji Tohda Hirotsugu Kohrogi, MD Kazuo Akiyama, MD Junichi Chihara Hiroki Sakakibara, MD Mitsuru Adachi Gen Tamura
Feasibility and Safety of Cockroach Nasal Allergen Challenge (NAC) in Cockroach Sensitized Children and Adults with Asthma: A Multi-Site, Open-Label Pilot Study (Inner City Asthma Consortium)
Amanda K Rudman Spergel, MD Michelle L. Sever, PhD Jacqueline Johnson, DrPH Michelle A Gill, MD PhD Carolyn Kercsmar, MD Dan A. Searing, MD Stephanie Lovinsky-Desir, MD,MS Stephen J. Teach, MD James E. Gern, MD FAAAAI William W. Busse, MD FAAAAI Alkis Togias, MD FAAAAI Robert A. Wood, MD FAAAAI Andrew H. Liu, MD FAAAAI
Effect on FEV1 of albuterol administered in obese and non-obese children without asthma to assess bronchial reversibility
Victor Gonzalez-Uribe, MD Blanca Estela Del Rio Navarro Juan Jose Luis Sienra Monge, MD Jaime Mariano Del Rio Chivardi
Korean Version of Test for Respiratory and Asthma Control in Kids (TRACK): Reliability and Validity
Dong In Suh Yun Jung Choi Kwang-Cheon Jang Hyeon-Jong Jong Yang, MD Hyo Bin Kim Mee-Yong Shin Young Yull Koh
An Analysis of Type 2 Biomarkers in TENOR II
Eugene R. Bleecker, MD FAAAAI Stanley J. Szefler, MD FAAAAI Robert S. Zeiger, MD PhD FAAAAI Aimee Foreman Tmirah Haselkorn, PhD Evgueni Neiman Farid Kianifard, PhD Brandee Paknis, PharmD Benjamin Ortiz, MD Bradley E. Chipps, MD FAAAAI
The SensitometerTM test: New iPhone App Accurately Measures Human Smooth Muscle Reactivity
Steven L. Kagen, MD FAAAAI Jason McAnany, PhD Brandon Smith, PhD Amy Garland, RN
Frequency Of Anti-inflammatory Related Cutaneous Manifestation In Patients With Aspirin-exacerbated Respiratory Disease (AERD)
Mayra Coutinho Andrade, MD Rosilane dos Reis Pacheco, MD Mila Almeida, MD Priscila Takejima, MD Jorge Elias Kalil Filho, MD, PhD Pedro Giavina-Bianchi, MD PhD FAAAAI Rosana C. Agondi, MD, PhD
Factors associated with severe asthma exacerbation in children: Preliminary Report
Isree Leelayuwattanakul, MD Punchama Pacharn, MD Orathai Jirapongsananuruk, MD Nualanong Visitsunthorn, MD
Measurement of the fraction of exhaled breath temperature as a biomarker of asthma control in patients in northeastern Mexico
Cindy Elizabeth de Lira-Quezada, MD Sandra Nora Gonzalez-Diaz, MD, PhD Alfredo Arias Cruz, MD FAAAAI Barbara Elizondo Villarreal, MD Carlos Macouzet-Sanchez, MD Gabriela Galindo-Rodriguez, MD, PhD Rosalaura Virginia Villarreal-Gonzalez, MD Rosa Ivett Guzman-Avilan, MD Daniel Sanchez-Guerra, MD Emilio G Soto-Zamora, MD
Comparison Of Exhaled Breath Fraction Temperature (frEBT) In Patients With Respiratory Allergy.
Rosa Ivett Guzman-Avilan, MD Sandra Nora González- Diaz, MD PhD FAAAAI FACAAI, EAACI Alfredo Arias Cruz, MD FAAAAI Alejandra Macias-Weinmann, MD Barbara Elizondo Villarreal, MD Carlos Macouzet-Sanchez, MD Rosalaura Virginia Villarreal-Gonzalez, MD Cindy Elizabeth de Lira-Quezada, MD Katia Guzman Avilan, MD Daniel Sanchez-Guerra, MD
Impact of asthma control on susceptibility to ambient air pollution among African American teens with asthma
Michelle L. Hernandez, MD FAAAAI Radhika Dhingra, PhD Allison J. Burbank, MD Krista Todoric, MD Ceila Loughlin, MD Marcia Frye, MD Kelly E Duncan, PhD Carole Robinette, MS Katherine H Mills, BA Robert Devlin, PhD David B. Peden, MD MS FAAAAI David Diaz Sanchez, PhD
Biomarkers of Severity in Pediatric Asthma in Memphis, Tennessee
D. Betty Lew, MD FAAAAI Amali E. Samarasinghe, PhD Rhiannon Renkert Robert Sealy Catherine Hammond, MD Patricia J Dubin, MD Julia L Hurwitz, PhD
Vitamin D and Forced Oscillation Technique parameters in asthmatic children
Napatsayod Swangtrakul, MD Wiparat Manuyakorn, MD
Microbiological findings in children with severe asthma
Jon R. Konradsen, MD PhD Bjorn Nordlund, PhD Lars Öhrmalm Kristina Broliden, dr Kjell Alving, PhD Gunilla Hedlin, MD PhD
The Composite Asthma Severity Index: A Tool for Assessing Impact of Omalizumab Treatment in Children with Moderate-to-Severe Persistent Allergic Asthma
Stanley J. Szefler, MD FAAAAI Tmirah Haselkorn, PhD Benjamin Ortiz, MD Benjamin L. Trzaskoma, MS Ahmar Iqbal, MD William W. Busse, MD FAAAAI
Diagnosis and treatment of AERD: clinical practice realities
Gabriella Melo Fontes Silva Dias, MD João Paulo de Assis, MD Mayra Coutinho Andrade, MD Raisa Borges Castro, MD Claudia Castilho Mouco Andressa Zanandréa Marcelo V. Aun, MD Jorge Kalil, MD, PhD Pedro Giavina-Bianchi, MD PhD Rosana C. Agondi, MD, PhD
Peak oral and nasal inspiratory flows in asthmatics from a low income community in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Marta Machado Andrea Venerabile Aniela Bonorino Xexeo Castelo Branco Eliane Fonseca
Characteristic features of airflow limitation and airway inflammation in stable school-aged asthmatics without requiring medication
Eiji Morita, MD Kennichi Tokuyama Yutaka Ueda Takeshi Koga, MD, PhD Shunichi Ogawa, MD Hideko Nishimura, MD, PhD
Characteristics of patients with severe asthma in our population
Vicente Javier Albendiz Francisco Javier de Castro Irene Garcia Gutierrez Jimena Crespo Jose Manuel Zubeldia, MD, PhD
Assessment of Asthma Outcomes and Risk Factors in School Children from Clairton, PA
Nicole L. Sossong, BS Albert Presto Tricia Morphew, MSc Jennifer P Elliott Deborah A. Gentile, MD
Discrimination Between Asthmatic and Healthy Children Using Eosinophil Derived Neurotoxin is Independent of Blood Sample Matrix
Mizuho Nagao, MD, PhD Helena Ekoff Magnus Borres, MD FAAAAI Anders Sjolander Takao Fujisawa, MD FAAAAI
High-Quality Pediatric Spirometry Via Telemedicine
Tamara T. Perry, MD Pam K Leisenring, RRT, RPFT Shawn A Harwell, MBA Sheva K. Chervinskiy, DO Larry A Simmons, MD Stacie M. Jones, MD, FAAAAI John L Carroll, MD Ariel Berlinski, MD
Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) Measurements with the NIOX VERO® in Children 4 to 6 Years Old using the 6 and 10 Second Exhalation Modes
Neal Jain, MD FAAAAI Richard L. Wasserman, MD PhD FAAAAI Craig F. LaForce, MD Robert Anolik, MD FAAAAI Margot MacDonald-Berko Kathleen A. Rickard
Adrenal insufficiency in severe asthma. Comparison with mild to moderate asthma and other related allergic diseases.
Michiko Haida, MD PhD Akihiko Hashiguchi, BS Katsutoshi Ogawa, PharmD Takahiro Inoue, MD PhD Bruce G. Bender, PhD FAAAAI
Is Neck Circumference Associated with Asthma Severity in Adolescence?
Heloisa N Oliveira Jessica Rosemberger Alanne M. S. Bonfim Natalia A Salata Amanda M Vieira Maria Regina A Cardoso Maria Celia C Ciaccia Vera E. Rullo, MD
Association of Aspirin-Exacerbated Respiratory Disease with Airway Mycosis
Zachary W. Marshall, MD Evan Li, MD David B. Corry, MD
The Association between Asthma and Cancer Diagnoses in the National Health Interview Survey
Niloofar Anooshiravani, MD Sairaman Nagarajan Maria-Anna Vastardi, MD Helen G Durkin Rauno Joks, MD
Risk factors and comorbidities of allergic rhinitis phenotype in children according to ARIA classification
Sungsu Jung Jisun Yoon Hyun-ju Cho, MD So-Yeon Lee Young-Ho Kim, MD Dong In Suh Song-I Yang Ji-Won Kwon, MD Gwang-Cheon Jang, MD Yong Han Sun Sung Il Woo You Sook Youn, MD Kang Seo Park, MD PhD Hwa Jin Cho Myung Hee Kook Hye Ryoung Yi Hai Lee Chung, MD PhD Ja Hyeong Kim, MD Hyung Young Kim, MD Jin A Jung Hyang Ok Woo Soo-Jong Hong
Predicting Asthma Development in Children Using a New Personalized Asthma Risk Score
Eric M. Schauberger, DO PhD Gurjit K. Khurana Hershey, MD PhD FAAAAI David I. Bernstein, MD FAAAAI Jocelyn M. Biagini Myers, PhD Hua He, MS Lisa J. Martin, PhD John Kroner, MS James E. Lockey, MD MS FAAAAI Grace K. LeMasters, PhD
Decreased asthma control in older patients with Cytomegalovirus seropositivity
Janette Birmingham, M.S. Agustin Calatroni, MA MS Juan P. Wisnivesky, MD, DrPH Paula J. Busse, MD FAAAAI
Allergic Sensitization and Asthma Severity
Yoavanit Srivaro, MD Jettanong Klaewsongkram, MD Hiroshi Chantaphakul, MD FAAAAI
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