Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis
Saturday, March 3, 2018: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
Convention Center, South Concourse, Level 1, South Hall A2
Poster Session
0.00 CME/CE
Rising Prescription Rates of Self-injectable Epinephrine in a Tertiary Referral Center
Fonda Jiang, MD Brad Kimura, MD Payam Bokhoor, MD Andrew Q. Pham, MD Joseph S Yusin, MD FAAAAI
Caregiver Perceptions of Epinephrine Autoinjector Training
Gretchen A. Harmon, MD Magee L. DeFelice, MD
A Comparison of Clinical Manifestations between Childhood and Adult Onset Shrimp Allergy
Jintana Chataroopwijit, MD Pantipa Chatchatee, MD Pornphan Paurika, MD Jaichat Mekaroonkamol, MD Jarungchit Ngamphaiboon, MD Narissara Suratannon, MD
Oral allergy syndrome in birch pollen sensitized patients in Korea: Results of a Retrospective Chart Review
Yoon Seok Chang Jung-hyun Kim Woo-Jung Song Sung-Yoon Kang Sae Hoon Kim, MD Heung-Woo Park Sang Heon Cho
Food Allergic Patient’s Perception of the Scientific and Alternative Therapies in Social Media
Alberto Alvarez-Perea, MD, PhD Paula Cabrera-Freitag, MD, PhD Victoria Fuentes-Aparicio, MD Sonsoles Infante, MD Oliver Muñoz-Daga, MD Lydia Zapatero, MD, PhD Jose Manuel Zubeldia, MD, PhD
Validation of the Brazilian Versions of the Food Allergy Quality of Life Questionnaires
Raquel B. Mendonca Roseli O. S. Sarni Dirceu Sole, MD PhD FAAAAI
When Does The Milk Allergy Go Away? Patterns Of Resolution Of Non-IgE Milk Protein Induced Colitis.
Andrew Pidutti Stephanie L. Vakaljan, BSc. Jason A. Ohayon, MD FRCPC
Food allergy related clinical outcomes in relation with empowerment of parents with food-allergic children
Alice N Hackett, MD Opal J Kamdar Betty Andy-Nweye Sukruthi Jois Ruchi S. Gupta, MD MPH Mary C. Tobin, MD FAAAAI Mahboobeh Mahdavinia, MD. ,PhD.
Food Allergy-Related Anxiety and Quality of Life in Parents and Children Transitioning to School
Ashika Odhav, MD Bruce J. Lanser, MD Nathan Rabinovitch, MD MPH
Cost-effectiveness of Bystander Epinephrine in Community Anaphylaxis
Marcus S. Shaker, MD MS FAAAAI David Corbin, MD Matthew Shaker, MS Susan Shaker, BA
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