Cytokines and Chemokines in Allergy
Saturday, March 3, 2018: 9:45 AM-10:45 AM
Convention Center, South Concourse, Level 1, South Hall A2
Poster Session
0.00 CME/CE
APRIL, BAFF, and TGF-β Concentrations in Colostrum Correlate with Allergic Disease Outcome
Puja Sood, MD John J. Varrone, PhD Anna K. Kukkonen, PhD Mikael Kuitunen, MD PhD Erkki Savilahti, MD PhD Antti E. Seppo, PhD Kirsi M. Jarvinen-Seppo, MD PhD FAAAAI
Socioeconomic Variables Associated with Immune Biomarkers in Asthmatic Children
Akua O. Nyarko-Odoom, Student Mary Prunicki, MD PhD Wenming Zhang, PhD Xiaoying Zhou Kari C. Nadeau, MD PhD FAAAAI
Histamine Pharmacodynamic Response is associated with Allergic Cytokine levels in Children with Allergic Asthma
Mary Nguyen, MD Hongying Dai, PhD Marcia A. Chan, PhD Nicole M Gigliotti, BS Bridgette Jones, MD
The impact of nectin-4 on asthma
An Soo Jang JuneHyuk Lee Pureun-Haneul Lee Byeong-Gon Kim Sun-Hye Lee
Role for CD11c expressing cells in generation of pulmonary vascular leak during a respiratory viral infection
Jennifer L Santoro Michelle Rohlfing Syed-Rehan A Hussain, PhD Mitchell H. Grayson, MD FAAAAI
Different anti-allergic mechanism of 2 green tea extracts in murine rhinitis model
Yu-Lian Zhang, PhD Young Kyung Ko, MS Hahn Jin Jung, MD Sung-Woo Cho, MD Minhyung Lee, MD Chae-Seo Rhee, MD, Ph.D
Induction of allergic responses in experimental murine model by long-term intranasal exposure of House Dust Mite(HDM) allergen
Jeom-Kyu Lee, PhD Woo-Sung Chang, PhD Sung-Hee Lee Gyo Jeong Gu Kyu-Tae Jeong Ji-Hye Do
Associations Between Asthma Severity and Responsiveness to Th2- and Th17-derived Cytokines in Pediatric Asthmatics
Jaclyn W. McAlees, Ph.D. Theresa Baker, M.S. Sara L. Hall, Ph.D. Emily Kim Christopher G. McKnight, MD Andrew Warren Lindsley, MD PhD Richard Thomas Strait, MD Xue Zhang, Ph.D. Jocelyn M Biagini Myers, Ph.D. Melinda Butsch Kovacic, Ph.D. Ian Paul Lewkowich, PhD
Quantification Of Genomic DNA Damage In Lung and Nasal Epithelium and Response To Allergen Challenge
Adil S. Zahiruddin, MD Koa Hosoki, MD PhD Julia W. Tripple, MD Pawel Jaruga, MsC, PhD, Dr hab Erdem Coskun Cynthia Rather Robert L. Jacobs, MD Miral Dizdaroglu Sanjiv Sur, MD
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