Interesting Cases Part 2
Sunday, March 4, 2018: 12:30 PM-1:45 PM
Convention Center, South Concourse, Level 3, S331C
1.25 CME/CE
Primary Moderators:
Paul J. Dowling, MD FAAAAI
Christina G. Kwong, MD

Learning Objectives:
  1. Evaluate the management of challenging patient cases by trainees in allergy/immunology
  2. Compare and contrast management strategies for challenging patient cases with peers
  • 3557 Interesting Cases Handout.pdf (726.8 kB)
  • 12:30 PM
    Management of Netherton Syndrome from the Immunology Perspective
    Meng Chen, MD
    12:40 PM
    Question & Answer
    12:45 PM
    Diagnostic and Treatment Considerations for Complete Digeorge Anomaly
    Anusha Vadlamudi
    12:55 PM
    Question & Answer
    1:00 PM
    When Looks Can be Deceiving: Mycobacterium Avium Complex Infection Masquerading As Asthma in an Immunocompetent Adolescent
    Cleavon J. Covington, MD
    1:10 PM
    Question & Answer
    1:15 PM
    A Case of (SIFD) Congenital Sideroblastic Anemia, Immunodeficiency, Fevers, and Developmental Delay
    Salma Salim Alkhammash, MD
    1:25 PM
    Question & Answer
    1:30 PM
    A Peculiar Non-Allergy Rash in the Allergy Clinic
    Peter Capucilli, MD
    1:40 PM
    Question & Answer
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